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R U nuts about rats?  So R we!

Rat Health & Care Guides
Learn all about how to care for your pet rat, from housing and nutrition to vet care
Rat Fun Community
Games plus product, book and movie reviews, downloads and much more besides
Rat Vet Database
Find a vet suitable for your pet rat, or suggest one that others in your area can use
Rat Forum
Meet like minded people, ready to give advice and share knowledge about rats, or just join in for a chat

Site Changes

Due to extremely ill health, the site will be read-only from now on. I haven't had the time or energy to be able to keep the site up to the standard it once had. To be honest, I haven't even got the interest in doing it at the moment. Therefore, since I can't be around, I have removed the forum and other interactive sections, probably for the long term. I thank you all for your support of the site and hope you still find it a useful place for pet rat information, even if it doesn't have the interaction it once had.
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