Q. What happened to the forum and other interactive sections of the site?

A. Due to ill health, the interactive sections have become to difficult to maintain, and therefore have been taken off-line for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, at a later stage, they will be brought back again.

Q. Where has the member section gone, why can I no longer log in or register?

A. Due to all the interactive sections being suspended, there is no reason for the memberships to remain active. If the interactive sections are added back again at a later date, the memberships will be too.

Q. I have a health or other question about my pet rat(s). Can I contact your site for help?

A. Unfortunately, this site cannot personally give help to others regarding their rats. We have provided a rat health and care guide but, ultimately, if you have a concern about your rat(s), the right person to ask is your Vet.

Q. Can I contact you about an item I have for sale, perhaps to advertise it on your site?

A. Since the interactive section has been suspended, we no longer accept questions regarding items for sale.

Q. Can we contact your site regarding Vets and any recommendations?

A. No. This site cannot make recommendations about Vets.

Q. Can you help me with rat re-homing, adoption or breeding?

A. No.