No vaccinations are required for rats. A veterinary check-up immediately after purchase is a sensible precaution as some problems may be identified even at this stage. Most vets can even offer advice on housing, management and feeding. Rats are often neutered to control breeding. A six monthly check-up will allow the weight to be monitored and as a way of spotting problems early. A faeces sample can be sent to the laboratory for examination for parasites.

If your rat appears to be off colour, or is behaving differently, it is sensible to have a thorough veterinary examination at your Veterinary Group.

Like many animals that are preyed upon, rats will hide most symptoms of disease. If they allow themselves to appear "a little off colour" it will make them easy victims to predators. Therefore by the time that symptoms show the animals may be very sick, having been getting worse over a period of time. Therefore if you are ever in doubt about the health of your pet don't wait. Organise a health check at your Veterinary Group. But organise it quickly before it is too late. You will never be crying "Wolf"! It is better to do that, than have a pet suffer unnecessarily.

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