Always consult with your Vet before using herbal remedies with other, prescribed, medications.

What actually is it?

Ginseng is the most famous herb to come out of China and has been used in medicine for the past 7000 years! Several different species are now grown around the world and although each one has some special property of its own, they are all considered to be an active overall rejuvenator.

Ginseng is also used for many other things, including reducing the effects of stress, boosting energy levels, enhancing memory, and stimulating the immune system. It is said to remove both mental and bodily fatigue, cure pulmonary complaints, dissolve tumours and reduce the effects of age.

Uses in rats

Infections, weight loss and wounds, colon cancer, certain types of rat pneumonia.


If in liquid form, one to two drops a day mixed in food.

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