Always consult with your Vet before using herbal remedies with other, prescribed, medications.

What actually is it?

Goldenseal is a Native American medicinal plant. It was used by the Cherokee Indians for such ailments as skin diseases, wounds and sore, inflamed eyes. They introduced the new settlers of America to the plant, which has now gained quite a reputation for its antibiotic properties and as a remedy for gastric and urinary problems, and is used to treat things like colds and flu's.

Uses in rats

Strengthen the immune system.

Helps combat congestion and soothe inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Upper respiratory infections (in combination with Echinacea).


If in liquid form, one to two drops a day mixed in with food. However, if you buy it as a mix with Echinacea, follow those doses.

When buying, make sure that the ingredients contain the main active alkaloids of goldenseal, hydrastine and berberine. They have similar actions, and can destroy many types of bacterial and viral infections. Try to and alcohol free type, if possible.

Combinations with other herbs?



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